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Janitorial & Sanitation

Nano Green possesses a wide array of formulations, which are suitable for the varied and widely diverse applications of the Jan/San market. Originally produced as a general heavy duty cleaner, the concept behind Nano Green’s development was to create a non-toxic, non-hazardous biodegradable replacement for the conventional, and potentially dangerous petrochemical based cleaning agents being sold today for commercial, industrial, governmental and household application. As Jan/San requirements became more specialized and sophisticated, Nano Green evolved so that today, for example, the company has seven formulas for glass cleaners alone, which were created to handle the specific requirements of its customers.

Its unique ability to cut through and emulsify hydrocarbons (wax, oil, grease, fat) and remove stains, makes Nano Green an indispensable one-stop cleaner for schools, office buildings, government facilities and factories to restaurants and hotels. Its antimicrobial properties also make it an excellent disinfectant and sanitizer for hospitals and food processing plants, which is reflected in Nano Green’s NSF certification.

Nano Green can not only clean as well, or better, than any other product on the market, but it is much more economical and, even more important, can result in labor savings in excess of 50%. As an example, school custodians report that after applying it as a floor stripper, there is no need to rinse the floor afterwards to remove chemical residues, thereby cutting the time factor by more than half.

In one of the initial approvals resulting from the BEES evaluation process in connection with the 2002 Farm Bill (FSRIA), Nano Green was informed by the US Department of Agriculture that it was the first product to have been accepted as a floor stripper and mastic remover. The 2002 Farm Bill requires that all federal agencies, buildings, departments, et.al. give preference to biobased products in connection with their cleaning and other activities. A total of some 140 product categories were placed on the list. Nano Green qualifies for more than 20 of those categories.

The movement away from toxic to "environmentally preferable cleaning products" is spreading rapidly to include an ever increasing number of state schools, agencies and facilities. In New York, legislation was passed in August 2005, which made the cleaning of schools with 'green products' mandatory commencing with the September 2006 school year. Other states that are adopting or considering similar legislation are Massachusetts, Vermont, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Washington.

In part, this reflects the realization that MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity), which often develops into allergic reactions, may be responsible for many of the behavioral problems of children in schools. More and more medical evidence is being released attesting to this cause and effect. Once organic cleaning products have been substituted, it was found that many of these problems disappear. It’s anticipated that over the next five years, an ever increasing number of states will follow this lead and outlaw the use of toxic and hazardous petrochemical based cleaners.

The following is a partial listing of Jan/Sam products where Nano Green can be used to replace hydrocarbon based chemicals:

Aircraft and Metal CleanerInk Remover
Adult ShampoosJanitorial Cleaner
All-purpose CleanersKitchen & Bath Cleaner
Anti-Allergen SpraysMarine Hull & Cargo Hold Cleaner
Asphalt Equipment CleanerMastic Remover
Biosolvents for Cleaning Beach Oil SpillsMetal Cleaner
Carpet CleanerMetal Working Concentrate
Char, Grease and Burnt Residue CleanerMold, Fungus, Mildew Remover
Dishwasher and Laundry DetergentsOil & Grease Emulsifier
DisinfectantsOven Cleaner
Filter CleanersPre-spot Carpet Cleaner
Floor Cleaning ProductsPre-Spot Laundry
Fruit & Vegetable WashPrinting Equipment Cleaner
Glass CleanerRe-usable Carburetor & Parts Cleaner
Glass, fiberglass polishing agentsTextile & Dyeing Equipment Cleaner
Graffiti cleaners for glass, brick,and metalTrap and Drain Cleaner
Hand CleanerTub & Tile Cleaner
Hard Floor CleanerWaterless Electronic Component Cleaner
HVAC cleanersWaterless Hand Cleaner
Industrial cleanersWas Stripper
Industrial parts washing fluids 

Nano Green believes it has a product that is equivalent or superior to currently available and commonly used petrochemical cleaners and detergents, which are the mainstay of the Jan/San business. Not only can you now rely upon an environmentally healthy product for all your cleaning needs, you can do so knowing it will very often do a better job than what you are presently using, and will, in addition, cost you substantially less to purchase. If we add in the factor of savings in labor, which will most likely be of much greater importance than savings in product cost, it is easy to understand why

The Era of Green
Is about to burst upon the scene.


The manufacturing sector provides a vast array of potential applications for Nano Green's heavy-duty colloidal cleaning power. These biobased cleaners are designed to replace traditional petrochemical based toxic products, which pose a definite threat both to people and the environment. Nano Green brings with it the triple threat capability of being able to do the job quicker, better and far cheaper. It offers the manufacturing sector a powerful and highly economical cleaner/degreaser/emulsifier that can expeditiously facilitate various aspects of the manufacturing process.

For example, it has long been common practice for a large percentage of industrial operations to use hydrocarbons or hydrocarbon-based chemicals in the manufacturing process. In the instance of the rolling of steel pipe, where friction is an issue, the pipe is often lubricated with oil or grease. The same is true of most drilling, milling and cutting operations. The components parts must then be cleaned to remove the oily residue. It is both a time consuming as well as costly procedure. This is a typical everyday situation, where operations would substantially benefit, both dollar and time wise, if the component parts were immersed in a dilute water bath treated with Nano Green.

Whenever Nano Green has been used in the manufacturing process, it was found to be much more efficient and cost effective than standard chemical solvents in the cleaning of greasy or oily residues, due to its very powerful ability to emulsify hydrocarbons. There are innumerable other situations within the manufacturing process, which require cleaning procedures. This is a huge market, which to date has been totally the province of toxic and hazardous petrochemical based products.

Nano Green is without equal for numerous other applications, as well as other major industries. It can not only equal chemical cleaners in effectiveness, but due to its disinfecting and sanitizing properties, it can often replace the need for multiple products with just a single application. Of equal importance is the time and labor saving benefit of being able to dispense with rinsing, as unlike chemical cleaners, there are no noxious residues that require removal.

Although not brought to public attention, for obvious reasons, the hazardous waste discharges spewed forth from the countless manufacturing establishments throughout North America have resulted in the creation of 140,000 so-called 'toxic waste sites.' There are no comparable reliable statistics available for Asia and the Pacific.

One indication of Nano Green's wide versatility and surprising potency was a demonstration undertaken in 2005, in which the company was asked to put it to the test at a notorious Florida toxic waste dump. The count of hydrocarbon and other volatile contaminants in the soil showed an initial ‘off-the-scale’ measurement of 9600 ppm. A sample of the soil was augured up from the site and placed in a rotating drum to which a Nano Green solution had been added. After twenty minutes agitation, a dirt sample was withdrawn and sent to a state laboratory for analysis. The surprising result - the initial 9600 ppm number had dropped to just 25 ppm.


The uses in industry for Nano Green's heavy duty colloidal cleaner/degreaser are almost endless. Here is just a brief sampling::

Metal Processing: Phosphating, plating, pickling, machining and forming - where it is used for cleaning and lubricating shop equipment.

Processing Cleaning: Pressure washing and steam cleaning - where it is extremely effective in cleaning parts, washers and solvent tanks. It also can remove hydrocarbon residues and dirt from building exteriors and parking structures .

Waste Water Treatment: Oil separator, heavy metal separation and reduction of BOD, turbidity, odor.

Dust Palliative: Mining, construction, road maintenance, parking lots

Mold Elimination

Transportation: Aviation, marine, rail, trucking, and automotive. Nano Green's industrial cleaning line is ideal for passenger compartments, cargo holds and facilities, maintenance on large-scale cruise ships, ocean liners or cargo vessels and exterior and interior cleanup of airplanes. Additional applications include food preparation/catering facilities, fuel spill cleanup, as well as terminal and harbor maintenance. It also does a superb job in the routine cleaning of hard surfaces, upholstery and carpeting.

It degreases carbon soot from fuel exhaust areas to engine blocks and is similarly effective in the neutralizing of crude oil spills to the cleaning of mold and mildew from canvas tops and decks of boats. Unlike most caustic cleaners, Nano Green products do not contain reagents that oxidize finishes, causing rust and degrading of elastic materials such as rubber or vinyl. On the contrary, it actually improves the life of hoses, seals, gaskets, paint finishes and other hard surfaces.

Misceallaneous applications include: Vehicle Wash, Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo, Engine Degreasing, Rubber & Vinyl Cleaner, Wheel Cleaner, Glass / Mirror Cleaner, Vinyl Top Cleaner, Mechanics Hand Cleaner, Odor Eliminator, Safety Solvent, Parts Washer Solution, Evaporative Brake & Electrical Cleaner, Aluminum Wheel Cleaner, Holding Tank Cleaner, Graffiti Remover.

A Poutpourri of Other Uses
The above is but a brief overview of some of the innumerable industrial applications for Nano Green. With the capability of replacing any of the petrochemical or other toxic cleaners on the market today, Nano Green offers industry an effective and environmentally friendly solution to all their cleaning problems at highly competitive pricing.